Employers Willing to Hire Ex-Felons

John Vargas from Friends Outside has these friendly tips for ex-offenders seeking employment:

1)  Do not directly ask if the company hires ex-offenders. The answer will more than likely be “no”.

2)  Instead, go in with a positive attitude, be honest about the past 7 years of your life. Say that you paid your debt to society. Stress that you are now ready and willing to be an active member of society.

3)  It’s like the movie industry: it’s who you know within the company that’ll get you the job! Let your family members and friends know you are looking for employment!  You never know what sort of opportunities they might have available to you.

With that said, below is a link to Friends Outside, an organization that assists ex-offenders with obtaining employment.

Friends Outside 


List of Employers Willing to Hire Ex-Offenders 


Link to PDF file – list of organizations that assist ex-offenders in seeking and obtaining employment